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Let’s the start with the very basic thing

What is Badminton?

What is Badminton?

Badminton is a sport where the Heart of the person meets his mind.

What it means that it requires both passion and then mental strength. It can be played by both beginners and advanced players.There’s no entry barrier. It is played with 2 or 4 players.All you need is a Badminton Racket, badminton shoes, A net, Shuttlecock and a good attire and you are all set to go!

It is a racket sport. It is played with light weight racket and a shuttlecock .

If you want to play for leisure or recreation then you can play it anywhere you like indoor or outdoor.Just make sure the speed of wind is not fast otherwise you won’t be able to play.

But If we talk about competitive level, it is played indoors because even the light winds affect the direction of shuttlecock

In international play, athletes compete in best-of-three-games matches. A game is played to 21 points, provided that the winner has at least a 2-point advantage. If a 2-point advantage is never reached, the first player or team to score 30 points wins. Points were only awarded to the serving side until 2006, when the BWF adopted the “rally scoring” system, under which either side can score at any time.

There are many benefits of playing badminton such as improved health and fitness. One of the major benefit I have seen is that it burns 600 calories/hour! How cool is that? Burning calories doing something you love!

Wondering about how badminton came to existence? Wanting to read about its history?

History of Badminton

The history of Badminton is not boring but rather excited to read!

Best Badminton Racket

Before you can understand the history of badminton, You need to understand various games that were played centuries before badminton.

The people in China used to play a game called ti jian z in 5th Century BC. The purpose of that game was to keep the shuttle from hitting the ground without using hand. It is not sure whether this game has anything to do with the history of badminton but that was the first game that used shuttle in the history of mankind

About five centuries later,Battledore and Shuttlecock were played in India,Japan,China And Greece.

By 16th century, it became highly popular among the children in England.

In 1860s,Poona was being played in India, a game very similar to Battledore and Shuttlecock but with a added net.

When British used to rule in India,they learned this game from Indians and took the equipments back to the England during the 1870s.

Duke of Beaufort held a lawn party named Badminton in his country place in 1873. A game of Poona was played on that day and became popular among the british society’s elite. The new party sport became to be known as “The badminton Game”

Since then, major international tournaments were held. Badminton was officially granted Olympic status in the 1992 Barcelona Games. From 9 founding members, IBF now have over 150 member countries. The future of Badminton looks bright indeed.

How was your experience after reading the history of badminton?

How to Play Badminton?

Before I dive into “How to Play Badminton”, We need to understand that what is the purpose of this game?

The objective of badminton is to hit the shuttlecock over the net and have it land in the designated court areas  If your opponent manages to return the shuttlecock then a rally occurs. If you win this rally i.e. force your opponent to hit the shuttlecock out or into the net then you win a point. You are required to win 21 points to win a set with most matches being best of 3 sets. Points can be won on either serve.

Do watch this Amazing Video!

Equipments To Play Badminton

Equipments are a necessary part of any sport. They are like the heart and soul of that sport.

Just like Human body will not function without the heart, the sport game would never exist without its equipments.

Let’s dive into the equipments required to play Badminton!


Badminton Racket

Badminton Racket is one of the most essential equipment of the game. It it used to hit a shuttle. They’re generally light in weight(Below 100g).

The badminton racket’s frame can be made from wood,steel,carbon fibre,Aluminium or some other materials.

The Rackets made from wood were too heavy in weight and hence were refused by Players.

The rackets made from steel provides them with durability and strength.The cost of making them with steel is also very less as compared to that of wood. These badminton rackets made from steel are also very cheap

Carbon fibre or Graphite Fibre has an ability to twist together. They proved to be revolutionary when they were used in sports equipments like rackets. It increases the cost of manufacturing of racket but gives them strength and a light weight characteristic!

Rackets made from Aluminum are very light in weight which is why many top players favours the badminton made from steel.

Choosing a best badminton racket can really help you in accelerating your game!


Shuttlecock to play badminton

There are two types of shuttlecock

  1. Plastic and,
  2. Feathered

Let’s see their pros and cons

Plastic Shuttlecocks

  • Recommend for beginners

  • More durable

  • Good for building strength

  • Travels only short distances

  • Not for advanced/intermediate players

Feathered Shuttlecocks

  • Used by intermediates/advanced players to take their game to next level
  • Expensive and fray easily

Since feathered shuttlecock can be frayed easily if the wrong technique is used so beginners should start with plastic shuttlecock only. You can then progress to Feathered ones you have mastered the techniques!

3. Badminton Shoes

Best Badminton Shoes

If you want a better traction and a grip to stop in time to hit/return a shot, you need a good pair of Badminton Shoes. They are light in weight and have a good cushioning to absorb the impact when you jump or land.

4.Badminton Net

Best Badminton Net

The Badminton Net creates a physical barrier between single or doubles opponents. The whole court is divided into two equal parts due to this net. And the game would not even exist without this net.

The height and width of a badminton net must be in perfect order to achieve consistent play on any badminton court.

5.Badminton Attire

Badminton Attire

A comfortable pair of shorts and a cotton shirt is sufficient for non-competitive players.

Ever wondered why Badminton is a popular sport?

  1. The skills to play badminton are not difficult to master. There’s no entry barrier so anybody can start!
  2. It is a social sport and allows people to meet with each other.
  3. It helps in burning a lot of calories!! Therefore, it also helps in the conditioning of the body. One can expect to burn at least 600 calories/hour while playing badminton!

Basic Rules of Badminton

If you know the rules of badminton,you will be able to go to the next level and in case some dispute arises between the match, you will be able to settle it!


Best Badminton Racket

This rule states that a toss shall be conducted before the game starts. If you win, you can choose between serving first. Your opponent can then have the left over choice.

2.Scoring System

Best Badminton Racket

This rule states that a badminton match should consist of best of 3 games.

The side winning the game serves first in the next game

3.Change of Ends

This rule of badminton states that you have to change ends with your opponent after finishing the game.

4. Service Court errors

Best Badminton Racket

A service court error has been made when a player has served out of turn, has served from the wrong service or standing on the wrong service court while being prepared to receive the service and it has been delivered.

If a service court error is discovered after the next service had been delivered, the error shall not be corrected. If a service court error is discovered before the next service is delivered, the following rules apply.

If both sides committed an error, it shall be a ‘let’. If one side committed the error and won the rally, it shall be a ‘let’. If one side committed the error and lost the rally, the error shall not be corrected.

If there is a ‘let’ because of a service court error, the rally is replayed with the error corrected. If a service court error is not to be corrected, play in that game shall proceed without changing the player’s new service courts.



‘Let’ is called by the umpire, or by a player (if there is no umpire), to halt play.

A ‘let’ may be given for any unforeseen or accidental occurrence.The rules of badminton consider the following as ‘lets’:

– If a shuttle is caught in the net and remains suspended on top or, after passing over the net, is caught in the net, it shall be a ‘let’ except on service.

– If, during service, the receiver and server are both faulted at the same time, it shall be a ‘let’.

– If the server serves before the receiver is ready, it shall be a ‘let’.

– If, during play, the shuttle disintegrates and the base completely separates from the rest of the shuttle, is shall be a ‘let’.

– If a line judge is unsighted and the umpire is unable to make a decision, it shall be a ‘let’.

– A ‘let’ may occur following a service court error. When a ‘let’ occurs, the play since the last service shall not count and the player who served shall serve again, except where in situations where the Law of Service Court Errors is applicable.