Tips To Become A Better Badminton Player

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1.Warm up before Playing

Badminton requires both stamina and agility so make sure that your body is properly prepared for the badminton game ahead.You can start with walking or jogging and then gradually move on to stretching exercises for the major muscle groups like like legs and back!

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2.The Grip of Badminton

You will have to choose right grip depending upon your hands. If you have a larger hand then use a larger grip and vice-versa.

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3.Badminton is a Mental Sport

You need to think constantly while playing badminton. I suggest before playing,do some mediation!

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Keep an eye on the area of court as much as possible!

4.Improve your FootWork

To master footwork, you need to see how professional badminton players use their foot while playing.

5.Get Strong and fitter!

Since badminton is a physically demanding sport, you need to be very strong physically. I suggest hire a good personal trainer and design your workout plan with him and hit the gym at least 3 times a week!

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Here’s a video you can watch for more information!