Equipments To Play Badminton

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Equipments are a necessary part of any sport. They are like the heart and soul of that sport.

Just like Human body will not function without the heart, the sport game would never exist without its equipments.

Let’s dive into the equipments required to play Badminton!


Badminton Racket is one of the most essential equipment of the game. It it used to hit a shuttle. They’re generally light in weight(Below 100g).

The badminton racket’s frame can be made from wood,steel,carbon fibre,Aluminium or some other materials.

The Rackets made from wood were too heavy in weight and hence were refused by Players.

The rackets made from steel provides them with durability and strength.The cost of making them with steel is also very less as compared to that of wood. These badminton rackets made from steel are also very cheap

Carbon fibre or Graphite Fibre has an ability to twist together. They proved to be revolutionary when they were used in sports equipments like rackets. It increases the cost of manufacturing of racket but gives them strength and a light weight characteristic!

Rackets made from Aluminum are very light in weight which is why many top players favours the badminton made from steel.

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Best Badminton Racket

There are two types of shuttlecock

  1. Plastic and,
  2. Feathered

Let’s see their pros and cons

Plastic Shuttlecocks

  • Recommend for beginners

  • More durable

  • Good for building strength

  • Travels only short distances

  • Not for advanced/intermediate players

Feathered Shuttlecocks

  • Used by intermediates/advanced players to take their game to next level
  • Expensive and fray easily

Since feathered shuttlecock can be frayed easily if the wrong technique is used so beginners should start with plastic shuttlecock only. You can then progress to Feathered ones you have mastered the techniques!

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3. Badminton Shoes

Best Badminton Shoes

If you want a better traction and a grip to stop in time to hit/return a shot, you need a good pair of Badminton Shoes. They are light in weight and have a good cushioning to absorb the impact when you jump or land.

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4.Badminton Net

Best Badminton Net

The Badminton Net creates a physical barrier between single or doubles opponents. The whole court is divided into two equal parts due to this net. And the game would not even exist without this net.

The height and width of a badminton net must be in perfect order to achieve consistent play on any badminton court.

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5. Badminton Attire

Badminton Attire

A comfortable pair of shorts and a cotton shirt is sufficient for non-competitive players.

And professionals should also equip them with hand grips, wrist bands and the ankle guards !

Have fun shopping and gearing up for your next match buddy 🙂 !