How To Avoid Badminton Accidents?

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If you know the reasons which cause the accidents, you can prevent them and we all know, “Prevention is Better than the cure”!

1.Improper Shoes

2.Mistake by players in stroke execution

3.Playing surface

When you are not wearing proper badminton shoes while playing the game, it will result in less friction between the shoes and the playing surface which will make you slip and fall and then causing several injuries! It can then result into the rupture of Achilles tendon, the most powerful tendon in the body. If it happens to you, you won’t be able to use your ankle till it heals completely!

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Accidents can also be caused in the form of knee injuries like meniscal tear, fracture of knee cap or collection of blood inside knee joint when a player falls DO NOT TAKE KNEE INJURY LIGHTLY!!!

Knee Injury

Some injuries might also be like lumbosacral strain, sacroiliac joint strain and lumbar disc prolapse . They also result from falling during playing. Accidents like hand bone fractures, arm bone, shoulder dislocation can also occur while falling!

I just want you to be careful while playing the sport. Truth be told, it is impossible to prevent some kind of injury if you are taking your sport seriously but you can take all the preventive measures to avoid them and the best way is to get a good pair of badminton shoes and improve the way you play the game!

Always consult your physician or Doctor if you meet with an injury. Do not ask google to help you that time. Any delay will just increase the pain by time and may result in even more damage to your body!