How To Choose A Right Badminton Racket?

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How to choose a Rgiht badminto Racket?

Before you ask how to choose a right badminton racket, ask yourself “why is it important to choose a right badminton racket? ”

It is because “Why” is much more important than “How“!

So there are two situations here,

  1. If you want to play for recreation and general fitness or fun then it is not very important to choose a badminton racket that is most suitable to you. Although, it can still be very useful if you know how to choose a right badminton because then you can achieve mastery into something you love which will eventually help you in your other areas of life also.
  2. If you are someone looking to compete, then it is must to choose a right badminton for you because if you don’t then probably your competitor will eventually crush you.

What are you playing Badminton for? Recreation? Competitive level? I am curious to know buddy, let me know in the comment below!

Just one piece of advice, Doesn’t matter if you’re playing for any of the above mentioned factors, Achieve Mastery in Badminton if you really like playing it because it will help you master other aspects of your life also.

Can you achieve Mastery?

Okay buddy, let’s dive into the factors that determine a good badminton racket

1. Weight of the Racket

The weight of the racket is denoted by ‘U’. 1U being the heaviest and 4U being the lightest.

The weight of the racket is inversely proportional to that number. Wait wait, it is not complex physics!

Basically, the smaller the number, heavier the weight of the racket! A good badminton Racket would usually weigh around 80-100g.

  1. 1U=95-100g
  2. 2U=90-94g
  3. 3U=85-89g
  4. 4U=80-84g

So the question is how to decide what should be the weight of your badminton racket that suits you the most?

If you are a beginner who is just starting out then I recommend that you should choose a light weight Badminton Racket because

  1. They allow you for quicker stroking speeds.
  2. You will be able to do fast serves
  3. You will be able to switch to different strokes very easily.
  4. They are easier on wrist and shoulders which reduces the chance of injury!
  5. Very easier to control

They generally weigh around 85g-89g(3U)

Should you purchase a heavier racket?

A heavier racket can help you extract a lot of power from it which can take your game to next level BUT the problem is do you have the strength to control Heavier Racket?

The answer lies in your WRIST. If you have stronger wrists, then definitely go for heavier rackets because then you will be able to extract a hell lot of power from them!

Do you have stronger wrists? Only you can know that!

Talking about economical side, do not be overly economical because the cheaper rackets are usually very heavy because the manufacturers use cheap materials for them. If you don’t have stronger wrists, you will end up using more of your arms than wrists to hit the shuttle if the muscles of your wrist ain’t that strong which will lead to bad habits in future!

One last thing- The weight of any badminton racket should not exceed 100 grams.

2. Balance Point

Just like the weight of the racket, A balance point is also one of the major factors which comes into play while choosing a right badminton racket for you!

So what is this Balance Point?

It is the point where the weight of your racket is largely located.

How to determine the balance point of your racket?

If you place your finger just slightly below the head of your racket and then to the way your racket tilts is the balance point of your racket.

How to choose a right badminton racket?

There are three types of Balance point for a badminton Racket-

1.Head Heavy Balance

How to choose a right badminton racket? Head-heavy balance point for choosing a right badminton racket

This type of racket has more mass towards the head of the racket. These types of rackets in increase a lot of power in your strokes and if you are the one who plays powerful game at the back of the court then buddy, this one is most suitable for you!

Do you like to play at the back of the court?

This type of racket is also very useful for rallies as they can produce very lengthy clears so it’s definitely a killer weapon for those whose game revolves around long exchanges.

2.Head-Light balance

Head light balance point for how to choose a good badminton racket?

This type of racket has less weight towards the head of the racket and because of this reason, it is much easier to control and swing this racket.

Imagine if your opponent has smashed shuttle against you. What you need? You need a type of racket that is easier to control and also very easy to swing because you can’t really waste time at that moment! For this type of situation, you really need a head-light balance racket! You can quickly react to smashes of your opponent using this racket.

The reaction time is reduced because it is so easy to swing it. This will also give you a hell lot of speed at the net and allows you to kill the game at the front court!

3.Even Balance

How to choose a good badminton racket?

This type of racket is a middle ground between head-heavy and head-light balance racket.

Are you a beginner who is just starting out with badminton? If yes then this one is a perfect fit for you because it can help you determine your playing style.

Once you have discovered your style of play then you can move to head-heavy or head-light balance racket.

3. String Tension

It means how tight the racket string is tied to the racket.

You can test the tension of the racket by pressing your palm against the strings and then see how far it sinks.

A 1mm sunken depth of the string would be the ideal tension for most players.

You would need higher string tensions if you channel a bigger force into your strokes.

There’s a very firm belief that “the tighter the string, the better” or “the tighter the string, the more power you get.” And it was broken by a renowned badminton coach Paul Stewart .

Here’s a very detailed article on this topic by him. You can check it by clicking here

4. Hand Grip

There are two factors which affects the grip of a badminton racket-

  1. Its Type,
  2. Its Size

Types of Badminton Grips

There are two types of badminton grips

  1. Towel
  2. Synthetic

Towel grips are softer and very good for absorbing sweat and due to this reason they’re very prone to accumulate germs and bacteria. So, they require frequent replacement as compared to synthetic grip.

Synthetic Grips are slick and less messy and due to this reason they are uncomfortable to wear because they do not have the ability to absorb sweat.

2. Size of Badminton Grip

Most racket grips comes in four sizes.

Are you a player who wants to generate more power? Then you should go with bigger grips as they help in generating more power.

Players who likes to employ the use of deception in their game should prefer smaller grips because it will allow for better manoeuvrability.

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