Top Badminton Blogs Worth Following!

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1.The Legendary Badminton Coach-Paul Stewart

A Legendary Badminton coach-Paul Stewart

Wanted to take your game to the next level? Having a lot of doubts?

I suggest that without a second thought, you should just go to Paul Stewart. He is one of the most renowned coaches of Badminton present today in the world. He is an advanced international badminton coach who provides online as well as one-on-one coaching to those people who really want to learn and take their game to next level.

I have personally read a lot of his articles on his website . He gives detailed reviews of Badminton Rackets, Nutrition and various other blogs related to badminton. Basically, He is a one stop destination for your all badminton related queries.

2. Badminton Information

Badminton Information

Badminton Information is an awesome website devoted to badminton community.It was founded by Chau Yap,a badminton enthusiast whose mission is to make badminton the number one sport in terms of popularity as well as financially great to the amazing badminton players.

There’s a team of dedicated people including qualified coaches behind badminton information to provide only high quality content!

3. Badminton World Federation

Badminton World Federation Fansite Website

Are you looking for latest news on Badminton? Looking for top players? Looking to get updated? Then this website is worth a follow! Must visit to get latest and updated information about badminton!

We are living in a digital age and things are changing at a lightning speed! “Those who adapt to the change will thrive and those who do not will suffer”

The website has latest information regarding all the tournaments which are going to happen in the near future so that you can be prepared well. I think without a second thought, you must check out this website

This is a general description of the website given below!

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) is the world governing body for badminton recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC). The BWF regulates, promotes, develops and popularizes the sport globally and organises inspiring world events. BWF has a vision of “giving every child a chance to play for life.

4. (Official website for German Badminton Association!)

German Website association!

This is a blog of German badminton association. If you want to get latest information on badminton, you gotta visit this blog!

5. Master Badminton

Master Badminton

I have always believed that if you like to do something that is productive then you should achieve mastery in that particular thing. In your case if it is BADMINTON then you must check this blog Master Badminton

There are various articles on

  1. Rules
  2. Badminton Basics
  3. Badminton Strokes
  4. Techniques and shots
  5. Net Play
  6. Smashing
  7. And more advanced skills

Do you have some question about badminton which is yet to be answered? You are not able to find its solution? You are so confused about it? One of the great bonuses that you can get on that website is YOU CAN ASK A PERSONAL QUESTION ALSO!!! What ya waiting for buddy? Check out this website

It covers articles for everyone (Beginners,Intermediates and Advanced Players). The more you read about badminton, the more information you get, the more your mind thinks about the sport and the more mastery you achieve!

6. Badminton Becky

Badminton Becky-Top Badminton Blogs
Badminton Becky Blog

As the Tagline says “An American Girl Learning Badminton in China”, She writes about a lot of latest news in Badminton. She also gives a lot of tips to take your game to the next level. She also has a YouTube Channel by name “Badminton Becky”.

I am a big fan of this video about “Why You Should Enter A Badminton Competition”?

Do Watch this video!

Why you should enter a badminton competition?

7.Badminton Central

Badminton Central
Badminton Central

Badminton Central is a forum where fans of badminton interact with each other. If you are a die hard fan of playing badminton, then you should checkout this website

They have also got some amazing articles on techniques to level up your game.If you want to stay updated in today’s ever changing world, then this blog is a must visit! 😉

8. India Times

India Times-Everything on Badminton

They upload every news related to badminton very frequently! Wandering who is up for the upcoming match? Top players?

They have got you covered! Do checkout their website!

9.Active SG (Singapore Sports Council)

Active SG on how to choose a right badminton racket?

They cover amazing articles on Badminton. This website is governed by dedicated members of Singapore Sports Council. If you want to go in depth about badminton, you should visit the website at

And If you want latest news on Badminton then also this website is a must visit!