Wilson BLX Force PowerSkin Badminton Racket Review

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Best Badminton Racket(2019)
Wilson BLX Force Powerskin Badminton Racket
  • Great Power 🙂

  • Great Stability and Control 🙂

  • Higher string tensions 🙂

  • Requires a very high Agility 🙁

Do you want clean and crisp performance? Do you just love attacking your opponent? Want a great stability to take your game to the next level? Want to have an extraordinary feel while playing badminton?

Then I gotta tell you that you must check this #9 best badminton racket

Some Amazing benefits of this #9 best badminton racket are

  1. With the help of this racket, you can switch to defense without effort.
  2. A great stiffness in this racket lets you deliver killer smashes
  3. The attacking prowess of this racket is damn awesome buddy
  4. The smashing power is just beyond awesome!
  5. It also delivers great performance on defense because of stability in this racket.

Some Amazing features of this #9 best badminton racket are

  1. The head shape of this racket is Isometric
  2. The balance point of this racket is head heavy
  3. The flex of this racket is medium stiff.
  4. It is made up of High Modulous Graphite.
  5. And the weight of this racket is 89g.

Wondering about the freaking awesome technologies used in this Wilson Racket?

They’ve included Slim shaft and Slim Frame technologies to this racket which increases its attacking power. So what does these technologies exactly does? Why they are so good?

These two slim technologies create a more aerodynamic frame for greater response and speed which can benefit players who have an attacking style because they can utilize speed for last second judgements.

I mentioned in the above features that this racket’s balance point is head heavy.How does this feature enhance the power of this racket?

It increases the force on attacking shots like smashes and attacking clears, but at the same time delivers great performance on defense thanks to its stability for blocks! 😀

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